The Awakening - The Beggining of Our Story

His name is Johan, he is a human being that no one would doubt on calling him a “successful man”; he graduated from one of the best universities of the city and didn’t have any trouble getting a job that made him possible to have the life he had always dreamed of, this means an apartment for himself and a brand new car for transportation.

But ¿Why is he feeling that something is missing even if he has everything?

He was brave enough to accept that his days were completely the same, without any surprise, risk or any adventure; his job consisted in being seated in front of a computer for 8 hours a day.

Every time he looked around he would see his colleagues competing for likes and followers on social media, listening to their smartphones and preferring to socialize through a screen rather than having real conversations, but for some reason, he did not find enjoyment in these social activities.

(Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash)

Until one day when something amazing happened, suddenly he was in a place full of trees, after a while he could recognize the place better, it was the same place where his grandfather used to take him for a walk, he could see the house full of flowers, he did not find it weird that even though the house was abandoned for more than 20 years the same was still well preserved.

He heard the sound of branches cracking in the ground, then he proceeded to walk around the house and suddenly saw a light, in no time he was in front of a lake and the light started to move to the center, he could not recognize any form until he broke his silence.

-¿Who are you? ¿Grandfather?

The light started to take a shape, it transformed into a medium size animal of 4 legs and long horns, resembling the ones of a big moose, he began to approach the creature without even noticing that his feet were above water.

A few meters away from making contact with the animal, it extended his large wings that made a movement in the water that absorbed Johan into the depths of the lake. Overcoming the desperation of not being able to breathe, he suddenly felt calm.

His body started to irradiate a potent blue light and his mind listened:

“Do you know the myth of the happy man?”

And he waked up with a big sigh.

-Calm down, it was just a dream, just a dream

He said that to himself but something was not the same, covered in sweat, full of doubts, with a lot of energy and with a spark that had lighted a flame inside him he could not conceive the dream of that night.

The next morning, after the common greetings to his office colleagues, Roger the mailman notified him of the arrival of a package that was waiting for him at his desk.

-That is weird given that the samples I was coordinating would not arrive until next week.

He removed the carton box and discovered another box inside made of oak wood with the inscription “The Myth”.

After opening the box a permanent flash cleared his mind and he understood everything, he now has a mission with a bigger meaning than any of its past goals, he is now part of “The Myth”, the legion of humans dedicated to achieving the happiness of all the individuals that inhabit this earth.