A Mythical Creature

As John was experiencing the same existential questions every day and asking himself what was his purpose, he decided that something needed to change. In order to be an extraordinary and unique person he needed to become a “Mythical Creature”.

But he needed a sign, something or someone to guide him through the correct path, and then the sign was called upon his eyes.

A man wearing a black jacket and a hat approached him one rainy night in a mysterious way, at first Mark felt uneasy but then he suddenly felt the calmness in all of his body.

The man got close to him and said: “Are you ready?”

“If you decide to be part of the legion there will be no turning back”.

John nodded and immediately the man handed him a shiny box, Mark lowered his head to look at it and after hearing a noise he looked up and the man was completely missing.

He proceeded to open the box, inside it there was a hoodie with the inscription “I’m a mythical creature” alongside a note that read:

“You decided to change your life and the life of others, you are now part of the legion of humans dedicated to achieve inner happiness and share it with all other living beings on this earth.”

Then he put on the hoodie and felt a cozy and warm feeling, he was feeling happiness after not being able to experience it in a couple of months.

After that, a light with the shape of an animal with 4 legs and horns appeared in front of him, it moved his head in a way that it resembled like the creature was making an approval gesture and then disappeared in the dark alley.

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